Unique, dynamic events all have one thing in common: they begin with a great vision. What tools are you using to make sure that your event is compelling, engaging, and unforgettable for those in attendance? LED Video Screen Hire is one of the fastest growing areas in the live production and event industries.


    What makes your event visually compelling? With growing trends and technology in the live production world, incorporating rental LED video screens can make your event one that attendees won’t soon forget.

    Captivating visuals have the power to make or break your show. With Imprint’s rental LED display products and control software, you are given creative freedom to create the look and feel you want with little to no limitations. The sky’s the

    Our staff has the experience needed to provide you with the right kind of LED display products to make your event a success. Get the most out of your production budget, be a tour, concert or corporate event. Imprint makes LED video screen rental an effortless process that’ll make all the difference.

    With 24/7 technical support and strategic partnerships with our production partners, Imprint guarantees that your LED production rental will go off without a hitch.

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